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  • Cilium operates at L3/L4 to provide trasitional networking and security services
  • It also works at L7 to provide application level servies like gRPC, HTTP, Kafka
  • Cilium inserts itself in the kernel at
    • Network IO
    • Application Sockets and Tracepoints to implement security and visibility.
  • Intelligent Routing
    • Cilium can do more intelligent routing other than opening or blocking a port
      • Allow all HTTP requests with method GET and path /public/.*. Deny all other requests.
      • Allow service1 to produce on Kafka topic topic1 and service2 to consume on topic1. Reject all other Kafka messages.
      • Require the HTTP header X-Token: [0-9]+ to be present in all REST calls.
      • More examples of policies at
  • Service to Service Communication


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