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A sneaking Eiffel tower
As stunning as always #paris
#greece #santorini
#greece #santorini
Sailing in Santorini
cozydark : Time-Lapse of the Geminid Meteor Shower.   Viewed from Big Sur, CA    December 2012 Video Credit: Kenneth Brandon   

Concise languages make you focus more on business problems rather than fixing syntax

Today i was reviewing the code of one of the prospective java candidates, even though the code was really well written , after switching between ruby and java for over 3 years now , java code now seems very messy for example when i look at  Map<String, Double> currentCurrencyQuotations = quotations.get(lastCurrencyName); it gives me a feeling that probably the person spends a lot of time in type checking the code rather than focussing on real business problems. Ruby solves this very beautifully.i can just say   current_currency_quotations = quotations.get(lastCurrencyName); current_currency_quotations[:key]  would just return me the value of this key.  Even though this might not be a very good example , but if the language is concise and makes it easier to do operations , you can focus more on solving complex business problems rather than getting stuck with silly syntax issues.

EmberJS Vs AngularJS

Recently i was about to start another project , and we decided to use the latest tech stack , so we went with ruby 2.0 , rails 4 , mongo  2.4 but then we had to decide what javascript framework we should go with. Personally i did not had any preference , if it was only me i would have gone with plain jquery, since the project is not UI heave and contains some complex forms with complex validations. But then i was also convinced of the fact that over the time javascript becomes very unstructured and difficult to maintain. So we decided to do some research on which framework to choose from and why , i already knew some people who are already using angularjs in their projects and not all were happy , some even decommissioned the angular framework after working on it for couple of months. Angular at first seems a sensible and a good choice and there was sufficient documentation for the same Here is what i found about Angular Angular JS claims that it is a full blown web app framework for j