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rubthatnub : Via National Geographic
“ this is what 864GB of RAM looks like ” , from 37 signals

why does cobertura-maven plugin has to run all the test again ?

Today , while working i noticed that because of the cobertura plugin all our unit test in the application were running twice , once for the test phase and another one for the cobertura phase. After some searching i found that the cobertura plugin has to instrument the byte code of the classes and hence needs to run them all over again to achieve that. Isn’t that frustrating , this means that the build time of our app suddenly doubles because we are using cobertura. Its a known issue to the cobertura guys and is also raised as an issue with them  since last 4 years , huh. The only solution we could find was not to run the cobertura tasks with the normal clean install , and run it when we pass some parameter to be true. The only downside of this refactoring was that now people will have to run the mvn clean install -Druncobertura=true before committing to check if their test covers everything or not .

FireFox - Aurora - 3d view

Just downloaded the latest firefox release “Aurora” ,from The browser looks really promising , at last they have “inspect element” built in now. so probably now you don’t need firebug ( though i could not find script inspected in there ) One on the cool feature they have introduced is the 3d page view . see the below 3d view of facebook page. ra

Google's new privacy policy - Search giant knows too much about you

thanks to the rollout of google’s new privacy policy , now you have “ Presonal Results ” , i am sure you guys will be surprised to see how much google tracks your behavior. And the best part is there is no way you can opt out of this , the only way out is you stop using google . #dontBeEvilGoogle #privacyIntrusion
GOA !!