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Concise languages make you focus more on business problems rather than fixing syntax

Today i was reviewing the code of one of the prospective java candidates, even though the code was really well written , after switching between ruby and java for over 3 years now , java code now seems very messy

for example when i look at 

Map<String, Double> currentCurrencyQuotations = quotations.get(lastCurrencyName);

it gives me a feeling that probably the person spends a lot of time in type checking the code rather than focussing on real business problems.

Ruby solves this very beautifully.i can just say  

current_currency_quotations = quotations.get(lastCurrencyName); current_currency_quotations[:key] 

would just return me the value of this key. 

Even though this might not be a very good example , but if the language is concise and makes it easier to do operations , you can focus more on solving complex business problems rather than getting stuck with silly syntax issues.


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